Meet Mom

  • Elizabeth is the Mama. She is a full time professional portrait photographer as well as educator and event planner for the OFF-CALL Conference and Tour for Birth Photographers.  When she isn’t taking photos, planning events or carrying a baby, she enjoys organizing, reading, hiking, writing stories in her head, and spending time with her family.  She LOVES the outdoors and her favorite places to travel are to National Parks.  She is outgoing, but an introvert.  She is very low maintenance and wears the same pair of sandals 365 days of the year.  She hates cooking and whining.

Meet Dad

  • Tom is the Dad.  He is a stay at home dad who is also disabled due to long time back and knee injuries.  When he isn’t cooking (thank GOODNESS) driving dad taxi or laid up from surgery, he enjoys audio books, swimming, his BBQ, Toastmasters, small projects and visiting with the elderly women at church.  Seriously, the man is a saint.  He also enjoys time outdoors, but really just loves to be able to relax, snuggle with his family and enjoy the downtime.  He loves his wife enough to keep his face unshaven and scruffy, but won’t grow his hair long.  He is totally an extrovert and admits to finding reasons to have to go to the grocery store on a daily basis.

Meet the Munchkins

We have six amazing kiddos.  Our oldest is 21 and out on his own in the world.  He traveled extensively with us when he was little, so this is basically round two!  We love our big family, even if it makes life a little more complicated... it also means more love!

  • Zach is the "oldest" at 12 years old.  He is an awesome big brother and adores his siblings.  He has strong opinions and likes to have a set plan.  He makes travel interesting!    He has amazing skills and loves Parkor and Soccer.  He also loves science and believes VERY strongly that humans are meant to go barefoot.  So you will rarely see him with shoes!  He wants to be a famous you tuber who has no house and travels the world.  He could do it... help him out by following our you tube channel!
  • Izzy is our only girl and is 10 years old.  She is a classic "girly girl" and is insulted that she has the least girly mom and 5 brothers.  Life just isn't fair!  She is our social butterfly and makes friends with every person and animal she encounters.  She loves everything and life just comes easily for her.  She does great in school and loves learning.  She enjoys singing, acting, bike riding and adding copious am111ounts of girly toys to my amazon wish list.  She wants to be a vet when she grows up and she would be amazing at it! 
  • Ben is our "middle child" and is 8 years old.  He is too big for the babies and not quite able to keep up with the big kids all the time.  It is rough!  He is our hot/cold kiddo and is either loving you or hating you.  He loves being active and especially loves the freedom that he has on his bike.  He also loves swimming and hiking.  He enjoys helping dad cook, too.  He wants to be a zipline instructor when he grows up!
  • Owen is our 4 year old who is going on 30.  Honestly, he is smarter than all of us combined.  When he was born, he looked like a monk who had been reincarnated.  His vocabulary, social skills, intuition, and book knowledge is astounding on a daily basis.  He loves trains, swinging, hugging his brother, the letter "O" and rockets.  When he grows up, he wants to be a rocket or a hexagon.  It's a toss up.
  • Elijah is our 2 year and the happiest kid on the planet.  Seriously, I think God knew we had to go out with a bang!  He loves his siblings, loves to dance, sleeps great, eats crazy amounts of chicken and is generally happy all the time!  He is still undecided on his life plans.  We figure he has a little time to decide still.  
  • Bob & Rosie Cats are our two cats that travel with us fulltime.  They are awesome cats! Bob is a Flame Tipped Siamese.  You can hear him purr from the other room.  He is SUPER easy going, friendly and laid back.  Rosie is our all black rescue cat.  She is great with the kids and is our plan for a zombie apocalypse.  She can kill anything! She loves her family, but is more reserved and sticks to herself most of the time.  


Meet "Storm, Rey and Garth Brooks"

  • Storm Trooper (or Storm for Short) is our current tow vehicle.  He is a White 2006 Ford F-350 SuperDuty Turbo Diesel.  Tom drives Storm 99% of the time and takes Ben (8) and Elijah (2) with him.  Bob the Cat also travels with Tom.
  • Rey is our current travel trailer.  Since deciding to travel fulltime, we sold Brooks and upgraded.  She is a 2010 Crossroads Zinger ZT 32QB.  She is around 34' long, has one slide in the main living space, a small master bedroom at one end and a quad bunkhouse at the other end.  She isn't big, but she holds what we need her to!
  • Garth Brooks is our minivan that follows behind the RV.  He is a 2005 Honda Odyssey and seats 8.  It is our "chase" vehicle.  Elizabeth drives him and follows Tom with Zach, Izzy, Owen and Rosie the Cat.  This is the vehicle we use when we go somewhere with everyone.  It also goes ahead to scout out locations or to get food.  It makes it easier than trying to get places with a giant camper!