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Havoc at Home:  Behind the Scenes with Good Morning America

Havoc at Home: Behind the Scenes with Good Morning America


So Good Morning America decided to send out a crew to our house for filming our segment.  Here is how it went, in order:

Get email- Panic- Cry- Make phone call- Panic- Cry- Agree to show- Panic- Cry

"No, you can't come today!!!  Are you CRAZY!?!?!"

Schedule for next day- Panic- Post on Facebook that I need help ASAP- Panic- Clean- Panic- Clean- Breathe into bag- Clean- Eat a cracker- Call Doctor to up Zoloft- Panic- Schedule Hair cuts- Panic

"You want to come film my children at 4pm in the afternoon and expect them to cooperate?!?!"

Agree to 4pm filming- Panic- Cry- Try to sleep- Wake up- Cry while showering- Cut hair for everyone- Bathe everyone- Panic- Eat one chicken nugget- Panic- Cry- Clean- Clean- Re-bathe child- Clean- Change clothes

At this point, things become a complete blur.

I am pretty sure my sweet neighbor and good friend was worried about me at this point.  I was totally exhausted and we hadn't even started!  I literally felt like I couldn't think straight!  

Then I walk into my kitchen and it was Melissa Rycroft!  That actually helped.  I am a huge bachelor junkie (I know... we all have a weakness) and I am telling you that woman is amazing.  If she could stay strong through her TV ordeal, so could I!  Plus she was incredibly sweet and kind and made it easy.  The film crew was awesome with the kids and working with everyone.  

We did Tom and my interview first, so props to our neighbor and sweet friend Sara for wrangling kids.  Then we did the bedroom scenes (no 50 shades here, people) and then kid interviews, B roll, mock bedtimes, playing out front... 


The kids were AMAZING.  I mean seriously.  A few little hiccups, but we were so proud of them.  They even sat down and did their homework after the TV crew packed up and left.  It was really an experience that I am so happy they got to experience.

So now for some of our own commentary on the whole event:

Zach (said in complete seriousness):  I hope the fame doesn't destroy the family!

Owen:  Where is your big TV (to the film crew)?   How am I supposed to be on TV if you don't bring it?

Ben:  I can't wait to be on "Good Morning, Denver" and meet Good Luck Charlie!

Izzy:  Can we please make sure a kitten is in every scene?

Owen: I will only come over her and say my name if I can bring this picture of Jesus with me (carries a picture of Jesus).

Zach:  I am not changing who I am just to be on TV.  I am going to wear my pink shirt or my purple tye die.  

Izzy:  I always knew I would be on TV!

Ben:  Only problem with the bed is the snoring.  Man, it is loud!

Owen (when asked to smile and wave):  I am NOT going to do that.  My name is NOT Owen.

All in all, we laughed, we played, we were exhausted.  And today was blissfully quiet with the exception of love and support from friends and family.  And even better, Izzy, who was destined for stardom, debuted on TV for the first time on her 9th birthday.  It's a wrap!

Now to share the video itself! 

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