We are the Boyce Family.  We live in an RV and travel the country learning and loving.  Our adventures are mostly documented by Mom, Elizabeth Boyce, professional photographer.  Come along!

Wandering the World: Learning on the Road

Wandering the World: Learning on the Road

While our kiddos attend traditional school right now, we used to homeschool and still feel strongly that SO MUCH learning happens while you are living.  It is a huge reason why we choose to travel.  We expose them to the world, cultures, people, and experiences that challenge them.   So I am going share with you some of our favorite resources for learning on the road.  They can easily be done all the time, some of the time, or one time!



Carschooling was one of the first books we bought YEARS ago when we started homeschooling.  It is so much fun!  I literally still have the same worn down, corner folded, highlighted copy.  Some of our favorite things... 

  • Baking cookies on the dash while we are in the museum
  • Cooking foil dinners on the engine while we drove
  • Fastlane Fractions
  • Things you can learn from a dollar bill

Honestly, just get it.  There are so many fun things to do!






Audio Books

We love our audio books.  Above are a few of our favorites that spark really great conversations with our kiddos about important life lessons, cultures, tolerance, history, etc.  If you can't read on the road, this is the next best thing!!

Map it!

Bust out the map book to stave off the constant "Are we there yet?" questions.  Kids learn a bunch from actually tracking your travels on a map and marking off places they have been!  This awesome atlas also incorporates kid friendly activities and is cheap enough that each kid can have their own!


Mad Libs Laughter

As a self proclaimed grammar geek, I will admit that I LOVE Mad Libs.  But it can easily be done with the whole family and will produce a solid hour of uncontrollable laughter.  And they might even learn the parts of speech while they are at it.  We also save our mad libs that are finished because they are really funny to read over again!


The "Waiting" Games

These games are some of our favorite ways to keep the kids occupied not only in the car, but when we stop for breaks or meals.  There are just times when we have to wait around!  They are small, pack easily in a diaper bag or purse and can keep them busy while we are waiting.  Plus they better all sorts of skills... storytelling, imagination, tracking, perception, awareness, etc.  Win win!

While there are lots of ways to get kids learning on the go, these are just a few that have worked for us.  Please share in the comments any tricks that you have found as well!

Wandering the World: Southwest Texas & Houston

Wandering the World: Southwest Texas & Houston

Kid Interviews on The Family Bed

Kid Interviews on The Family Bed