We are the Boyce Family.  We live in an RV and travel the country learning and loving.  Our adventures are mostly documented by Mom, Elizabeth Boyce, professional photographer.  Come along!

Havoc at Home:  Taking care of PEOPLE, not things.

Havoc at Home: Taking care of PEOPLE, not things.

I feel like so much has happened since the last blog post and it was two months ago!  It has been so crazy out of control around here that I haven't kept up with the blog.  

In January, we took a trip to Austin for a meet up of fulltime families.  We had plans to try and be fulltime within the next 18 months.  Oh how much can change in a month!  We started making plans to travel for the summer.  We wanted to head west and spend June and July on the road with the kids as a little test run.

We started looking at possibly upgrading our RV.  We started purging the house to make room for a house/pet sitter and we planned our two month excursion!

Then one night we get a call that our house is being sold. 

We have happily lived and rented this same house for 7 years.  Our rent has never changed.  That means that during the housing crisis, when rent doubled in our area, we have been blessed to be able to keep our rent affordable.  

Now that our house is being sold, everything changes.  While we have the option of signing a new lease, it did not make sense.  Our rent would double, making it completely impossible to travel and keep a house.  Plus, we did not want another year commitment.  

So what does one do?

Sell everything and move into an RV, ofcourse!

So we are purging like crazy, cutting down to just what we need.  We will have a small amount of things to keep in storage, but we should be totally out of our house by the end of April.  We are SO EXCITED.  Is it hard?  Yup.  Sad?  A little.  I think we all had one good cry.  But the excitement is more.  

I told Tom that I am ready.  I am so tired.  I am so run down with the day to day drudgery.  Doing the exact same thing day after day.  Laundry, toys, homework, dishes, breaking up fights, grocery shopping, rinse, repeat.  We are ready for some adventure.  To be outside more.  To spend time together.

To spend time taking care of PEOPLE.  Not Things.

Wandering the World: Our New Home on Wheels

Wandering the World: Our New Home on Wheels

Wandering the World: Southwest Texas & Houston

Wandering the World: Southwest Texas & Houston