We are the Boyce Family.  We live in an RV and travel the country learning and loving.  Our adventures are mostly documented by Mom, Elizabeth Boyce, professional photographer.  Come along!

Havoc at Home:  Soft Launch

Havoc at Home: Soft Launch

What exactly is a soft launch?  It is basically the time when we realized we had sold too many things too continue living in our house.  We weren't done yet, so we moved into the camper at the local campground about 20 mins east.  We camp there ALL THE TIME.  So it was comfortable and easy on the kids and cats.  It is pretty much empty and we had plenty of space to really work on getting things moved in and organized.  

This is what it was looking like at home still...

And what the camper was looking like...

And we were making little runs to storage to make sure we kept a few things safe.  We ended up keeping a few pieces of furniture I really loved, photographs, art, kids momentos, etc.  Really, it all fit in a 5x10 storage unit with room to spare.

While it was super nice to have the time to really transition everyone, lets just say it was complete chaos.  And ofcourse, Tom ended up spending multiple days in the hospital from his chronic stomach issues.  Add in a couple of SUPER scary storms and tornado threats, and I promise you, I was DONE with that weekend.  I can't remember the last time we were that tired.  

Important lesson:  

Don't have so much stuff.  Seriously?!?!  Who needs that much stuff!?!!

Wandering the World:  We have launched!

Wandering the World: We have launched!

Havoc at Home:  Where the Wild Things Are

Havoc at Home: Where the Wild Things Are