We are the Boyce Family.  We live in an RV and travel the country learning and loving.  Our adventures are mostly documented by Mom, Elizabeth Boyce, professional photographer.  Come along!

Wandering the World: Balmorhea State Park, Texas

Wandering the World: Balmorhea State Park, Texas

Our first official stop was Balmorhea State Park in Southwest Texas.  It is a spot I have wanted to visit for a long time.  On the rim of Big Bend National Park, it is home to some beautiful cenotes and water springs.  The kids were looking forward to snorkling, swimmming and exploring.  

We arrived to find that the springs were closed for the next week for cleaning.

You have GOT to be kidding me,  

I was not a happy camper.  I told Tom we would just go get set up and  figure out a plan.  At the very least, we could get the kids fed dinner and into bed.  

So we go to put out the slide... and all we hear is clicking.  No movement.  Nada.  Nothing.  
Turns out the night before, I was accidentally hitting the power box with the slide.  Apparently that stripped the gear that moves the slide in and out.  So we were stuck literally not being able to move in the camper.  I figured in the morning we would call an RV repair place and get it fixed.  The kids didn't complain about cooking outside though!

So in the morning, I call, only to find out that not only will no one actually come TO us, but they likely won't have the part to fix it anyway.  Sigh.  So we make the decision to head to El Paso, since we can't live comfortably.  At this point i am feeling SUPER frustrated.

So I take the kids to explore the park while Tom packs up.  THis was a good plan.  They were amazed at every little detail.  The cenotes, the fish, the turtles, the desert, everything!  It was really amazing.  We sat on the edge and put our toes in and little fish nibbled on them.  We got to see a wild bull snake that the park rangers caught and the kids pet it.  We searched for newly hatched baby turtles.  It was just a beautiful and peaceful afternoon that reset the mood.  
Thankfully... we needed it.

Wandering the World: El Paso, Texas

Wandering the World: El Paso, Texas

Wandering the World:  We have launched!

Wandering the World: We have launched!