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Havoc at Home: Our RV Remodel

Havoc at Home: Our RV Remodel

We packed up the family bed and moved everyone into an RV to travel the world!

We aren't crazy.  Or at least any crazier than we have ever been!  We have been traveling as a family and when we found out our rental home of 11 years was being sold and we would have to move, we decided to give the fulltime RV life a try!  We had to pack up the Family Bed and downsized A LOT.  We upgraded our hybrid to something a little more substantial and remodeled it on a very tight budget to make it feel more like home.  Sadly, we could not afford a bunkhouse big enough to accommodate a family bed, but we tried!!  We are back to putting kids to bed in the bunkhouse and having the two youngest make their way into our room at night.  But otherwise, everyone is doing great!

So I thought it would be fun to give you a little peek inside our new home!  Imagine that it is roughly 250 sq feet, so it is challenging to have enough space for proper photos.  Also, we are living here fulltime while we travel!  So you will see only a little "staging".  It is our active home and looks like we live there!  So without further ado...

The outside of our little house on wheels...

"Rey" is a 2010 Crossroads Zinger ZT 32QB and we purchased her from another owner off craigslist. 

The main living space and kitchen is what you walk into...

Kitchen Remodel Info           Slide Remodel Info

Some of the things that we LOVED and used in our remodel are listed below.  Click on each photo to learn more about them.

These amazing sticker tiles that were the foundation for all my design!

And ofcourse, who could survive without a turquoise rolling cart from Ikea.

 A wooden magnetic knife holder to keep my babies safe.


We fully admit to being addicted to ice.  With a tiny freezer, this ice maker has made our lives MUCH better.

Our master bedroom and my office is at the front of the RV...

We loved this for the wallpaper.

We also replaced the crappy mattress.

The bathroom is towards the back and is tiny...

We typically shower in the campground bathhouses.  It does have a small tub, shower, sink and toilet, plus plenty of storage for our things!

The quad bunkhouse is located in the back of the RV...

Bunkhouse Remodel Info

We added some light weight clothes storage with these bins.

We made the beds more accessible with this step stool from Ikea.  We also got these awesome toy organizers for each bunk.

So you can see that it isn't the family bed, but we sure do love it.  We can see so much and experience so much and live on a smaller budget.  In fact, did you know that you can book a photo session with Elizabeth now?  As we travel, you can meet up with us.  Just click on the map to your right to see where we are.  We also sell beautiful prints in our shop of the things we have seen along the way.  Hop over and see if something moves you the way it has us.

Want to know more about fulltime family RV life? You can ofcourse read the blog, but we have also answered the most frequently asked questions.  And at this point, we are hoping you know to laugh with the sarcasm. If not, best to move along!

Click here to read the RV Life FAQS

Help us reach the Shaytards!

Help us reach the Shaytards!

Havoc at Home: RV Kitchen Remodel

Havoc at Home: RV Kitchen Remodel