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Review: Morgan Hill Thousand Trails

Review: Morgan Hill Thousand Trails

We find it helpful to read others reviews of RV parks and State Parks and so we do them as well! We do not get anything for them, it is simply our thoughts and experiences as a big family with lots of young children!

Name: Morgan Hill RV Resort

Location: Morgan Hill, California

Nearby: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Wineries

Cost: TT Members- $0

Accessibility: Easy to get to.  Right off major highway

Roads: Decent.  Paved and gravel

Sites: Literally on top of each other and NO sewer at all.  They were not very well kept up.

Bathrooms: Clean and good water pressure!

Staff:  I had a great experience booking over the phone.  The staff seemed great.  I know they have had issues recently, so I don't know if the crazy strict rules are due to that?  But they were a little overboard with it.  Rules for stopping in certain places, not knowing when to use the gate code, asked to clean up our site (literally bikes and swim towels) and told that it was a pigsty (rudely) when there were other sites that were hideous.  We just weren't super impressed.

Cell/Internet: Fine for ATT and Verizon.  3-4 bars and LTE

Campfire: Yes

Closest Walmart: Shopping was all super close.  Within 15 mins or so.

Kid Friendly: Yes and no.  They had a beautiful pool, but it closed at 7pm.  The lodge had nothing in it but teens with nasty language.  The kids rode bikes, but weren't allowed to go mini golf without a 12 yr old.  No fishing.  Again, weird rules.

Additional Thoughts:  The general crowd there was rougher than we are used to.  The kids weren't allowed to go to the lodge.  I had to pull my kids from the pool when a parent was using crazy foul language and beating his kid.  We were told to keep bikes locked due to thefts.  Not sure what the deal was, but it wasn't the safest spot we have been in.

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