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Review: San Benito Thousand Trails

Review: San Benito Thousand Trails

We find it helpful to read others reviews of RV parks and State Parks and so we do them as well! We do not get anything for them, it is simply our thoughts and experiences as a big family with lots of young children!

Name: San Benito RV Resort

Location: Paicines, California

Nearby: Pinnacles National Park, Wineries, Montery Bay, Big Sur, Santa Cruz

Cost: TT Members- $0

Accessibility:  Pretty easy to get to!  The drive was lovely as we went through wine country.

Roads:  Park roads were dirt and pretty rough.  Quite a few pothole and speed bumps from Hell.  They were crazy rough bumps!

Sites:  We had issues from the get go.  The park was pretty empty, but quickly discovered a lot of sites had no useable electric.  They were clearly marked, so that wasn't an issue.  However, we picked an RV site and could not keep our power on at all.  With literally only the AC running, the outside switch would flip.  They tried to fix it, but we ended up cutting our stay short.  In that heat, we needed power.

Bathrooms:  Many were closed.  The first one we went to to shower had zero hot water at all (issues with the heater) and it was not marked.  Loaded everyone up and went to a different one, but apparently they had not hot water control.  So it would be fine and then suddenly the water was scalding hot.  It made me super nervous.  They were clean though.

Staff: Super great.  Easy going and friendly and the maintenance was on top of things.  I think in general it just was a little run down.

Cell/Internet:  ATT has nothing.  Verizon apparently works, but we didn't have our MIFI, so no idea.  We were able to pay for local access, so we did that and it worked fine.

Campfire:  Didn't have one.

Closest Walmart:  FAR.  It felt like everything was far.  They did have a general store at the campground though.

Kid Friendly:  In theory.  It was a dusty, desolate place.  The pool was nice and they had a playground, but there just wasn't much else going on.

Additional Thoughts:  We wouldn't stay again.  I know lots of people like the park, so maybe it was a bad two days for us, but it just didn't fit our needs.

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