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Review: South Jetty Thousand Trails

Review: South Jetty Thousand Trails

We find it helpful to read others reviews of RV parks and State Parks and so we do them as well! We do not get anything for them, it is simply our thoughts and experiences as a big family with lots of young children!

Name: South Jetty Thousand Trails

Location: Florence, Oregon

Nearby: Oregon Coast, Oregon Sand Dunes, Hwy 101, Crater Lake National Park

Cost: We are Elite Members so $0

Accessibility: Pretty drive and not too bad.  Roads are a little winding, but we did it in the dark without too much trouble.  The park it self is harder to navigate.  Hilly and lots of one way roads not clearly marked.  Heavily wooded, so hard to find your way around.

Roads: Dirt, potholes, mud!  They were paved, but you honestly couldn't tell.  Sites were level but muddy due to the rain.

Sites: Very secluded and there are some that are bigger than others.  We got a bigger one, but no sewer hookup.  We LOVED that they backed up to a wooded area where the kids could play.

Bathrooms: Good!   Clean and bright and met our needs.

Staff: Not too much interaction with staff.  How we prefer it, honestly.  Front gate isn't staffed, so you just use the code to get in.

Cell/Internet: Decent.  We have LTE and 3 bars on ATT and LTE and 2-3 bars on Verizon.

Campfire: YES YES YES!!!  It was chilly and we very much enjoyed our fires.

Closest Walmart: Safeway is close, Walmart is a little further (45 mins or so).

Kid Friendly: Very kid friendly if your kids like the outdoors.  Our spend very little time at the Lodge and the pool isn't heated (plus 14+ to be there without an adult) so our kids enjoyed it a ton.  The rain made it a little harder, but they built shelters and teepees, played with other kids, explored the tide pools nearby and their netflix worked without too much issue.  Playground is simple but solid.

Additional Thoughts:  If it weren't raining, this place would have been incredible.  We very much enjoyed it.  It is very dark in your camper all day, so it stays cool.  However, we noticed we were feeling draggy and had to make a point to get outside in the sun.

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