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Review: Tahoe Valley RV Resort Encore

Review: Tahoe Valley RV Resort Encore

We find it helpful to read others reviews of RV parks and State Parks and so we do them as well! We do not get anything for them, it is simply our thoughts and experiences as a big family with lots of young children!

Name: Tahoe Valley RV Resort

Location: South Lake Tahoe, California

Nearby: Lake Tahoe!

Cost: $59 a night with 20% off if you can't book through TT and get your 50% off a night.

Accessibility: Rough!!  We came from So. Cal and it was a long and stressful drive in.  Winding roads, narrow lanes and a pretty high pass.  The park itself was also hard to navigate (narrow lanes with people parking everywhere) and the site (heavily wooded) were hard to get into.

Roads:  Dirt roads, dusty, and narrow.  

Sites:  Laid out in a strange criss cross way.  We backed into our site and it put the butt of our RV right in our neighbors dinner table.

Bathrooms: Ok.  I was fourth of July, so I feel like it was hard to judge on such a busy day.  There were no showers at the pool, which was frustrating.

Staff:  EXCEP,TIONAL.  Seriously, 10 gold stars.  I had a 4 year old melting down and the staff helped him calm and gave him a lollipop.  They worked hard to find us a site last minute.  They also comp'ed us a free night to see if we could find our lost kitten who got spooked on the 4th.

Cell/Internet:  Decent- Verizon was 2-3 bars and 4G LTE.  ATT was 2-3 bars and 4G. 

Campfire: Yup!  We enjoyed our neighbors fire.

Closest Walmart:  Not close.  We did visit the Rileys just across the street though.

Kid Friendly:  Very kid friendly.  Warm pool, lots of easy access trails, biking, mini golf and playground in great shape.  It was awesome.

Additional Thoughts:  I always feel bad judging a park on a holiday weekend.  We did very much enjoy the area and it is close to everything.  It is a harder park when super crowded, but we would go back!

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