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Havoc at Home: RV Bunkhouse Remodel

Havoc at Home: RV Bunkhouse Remodel

Stage three of the remodel... the bunkhouse

This is what the bunkhouse looked like when we first picked up the RV.  While it would have been nice to have the extra table and chairs, the logistics of making up a bed every night did not seem practical.  We also had issues with the thickness of the top bunk mattress and knew we had to modify some things.

2016-03-15 13.24.33.jpg

Step 1: Pick a paint color and make it!  The kids were asking for purple.  I didn't want it to be too bright and so I went with a more purple night sky look.  I was being my normal thrifty self, so I mixed the color myself with the paint I had on hand  It worked great!

Step 2:  Tape!  And test paint colors as I am mixing them.

Step 3:  Begin removing the table and bench to paint around and discover MOLD.  I about died.

Step 4:  Pause and take it back to the RV person we bought it from.  They were really very good about it.  They checked for leaks, removed the bad subflooring and put in new flooring, treated the mold and then put down carpet.  

Step 5: Paint!!  Some painting was done before the RV went in for floor repairs, but we still had plenty of touch ups to do!

Step 6: Put in more dresser space!  We ended up finding some water tubing that was previously covered by the bench.  When we ripped it out, we were left with them there and they needed to be covered.  Initially we re-purposed one of our dressers by cutting a hole in the side to accommodate the tubing.  However, when we were trying to drop weight, we opted to pull out the dresser and replace it with plastic bins since they weighed a lot less.

Step 7: Trip to Ikea!  I should just live here.  Looking for a ladder to help the kids get on the top bunks as well as the mesh holders to have on each bunk.

Step 8:  Build a toddler bed!  I went to home depot and picked up a scrap piece of plywood and some finials that we cut down to make legs.  We spray painted it like the night sky and put it where the table and benches used to be.  It is just tall enough that we can store toys in bins under it, but he won't roll off in the night.

Step 9: Paint clouds on the ceilings of the lower bunks! 

Step 9: Hang mesh racks and curtains!  We used bedding we had already and made it work!  

Step 10:  Put in the skinny ikea mattresses so that the kids are safer.  Owen simply used a toddler mattress for his bed,

The Final Reveal

The cost breakdown:

Curtain rods/Hooks: $15

Purple sheet from Thrift store to turn into curtains: $3

Wood for toddler bed: $20

Spraypaint:  $4

Mesh Holders$ 15

Plastic Drawers: $25

Black Ikea Bench: $40

Total Cost: $122


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