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Havoc at Home: RV Kitchen Remodel

Havoc at Home: RV Kitchen Remodel

Stage Four of the remodel... the Kitchen

This was the last big area to remodel and mostly because we didn't have time to install the kitchen sink backdrop until we had actually moved in.  Here is the step by step process of our final remodeling and what our RV looked like at the start!

Step 1:  Remove the wallpaper border.

Step 2: Cover the kitchen fridge in Chalk board contact paper to make it more practical!

Step 3:  Pick up peg board on craigslist for super cheap and install it on this giant blank wall. After you paint it pink.

Step 4:  My tile samples have arrived!  I had the come before I placed a big order so I could make sure they would fit and work alright for the space and colors. 

Step 5:  Tape and paint.  Tape and Paint.

Step 6:  Put the amazing Tom to work on cutting and installing my backdrop.

Step 7:  Remove stove hood to better install backdrop.

It's perfect!!!

The Final Reveal

The cost breakdown: (if you don't see something listed, I owned it already and simply re-purposed it)

Mexican Sticker Tile $50

Peg Board: $3

Peg Board hanging stuff: $15

Magnetic spice jars: $8

Magnetic Knife Rack: $20

Hanging Ikea Stuff: $20

Total cost: $116

Havoc at Home: Our RV Remodel

Havoc at Home: Our RV Remodel

Havoc at Home: RV Master Bedroom

Havoc at Home: RV Master Bedroom