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Havoc at Home:  RV Slide Remodel

Havoc at Home: RV Slide Remodel

Stage one of our remodel... the slide!!

So this is what our RV looked like when we picked her up.  She was in fabulous condition and super nice... for an RV.  However, if this was going to be our home, we needed some color in our lives.  So stage one... remodel the slide.  

Step 1: Invite Rebecca Wisor, your amazing and wonderful friend and Blogger at Older and Wisor to come assess the design plan before starting.  I tend to over analyze.  Rebecca on the other hand walked in and said, "Do you have a drill?  These things have GOT to come down."  Man, I love her!!  She also happens to share my love of craigslist, thrifting and general being super cheap and turning things into beautiful things.

Step 2:  This is when I start discussing the best way to remove the wallpaper border and Rebecca just starts yanking.  People, IT CAME RIGHT OFF.  In a matter of 20 mins, it was already looking different.  Our border happened to be on like contact paper.  We simply pulled it off and used magic erasers to get off any remaining goo.

Step 3:  Remove all existing furniture.  This was so we could get rid of the carpet and make the layout more family friendly.

Step 4:  Put children to work ripping out carpet!  It actually came out quite easily.  And they were thrilled.  Win-win.

Step 5:  Take 17 trips to every hardware and flooring store in the entire city WITH HUSBAND AND FIVE CHILDREN IN TOW trying to find CHEAP but excellent vinyl flooring.  End up down the road at Home Depot happily paying $.49 more per square foot so your family will live.  Seriously, don't ask.  Sometimes my thriftiness is not logical.  We were trying to cover 62 sq ft.  Not the entire continent.  Sheesh.

Step 6:  Tape.  Tape everything.  Whatever you do, DO NOT let the children help.  If you hate taping and are in a hurry and lazy, give this job to someone else.  Whatever you do, don't let me do it.  I did ours.  

Step 7:  Decide at 9pm that it would be "fun" to let the children prime the walls.  I mean, you taped, right?  What could go wrong here?

Step 8:  At 9:45pm, realize that Home Depot is about to close and you are ready to paint.  Race over to get there before closing and in the process leave your paint swatches at home.  Decide just to guess.  This is the wrong choice.  Your should NOT do this and instead should plan to return in the morning.

Step 9:  Go home and paint your walls.  When your daughter announces, "I LOVE IT!!!  It looks exactly like the beach!" you should totally cry.  Like I did.  Because that was exactly what I did NOT want it to look like.  Go to bed.  Regroup in the morning.

Step 10:  In an effort to not waste an entire gallon of paint, decide to mix your own so that it is closer to the right color.  Thankfully, this is a skill I actually possess.  It went fine.  Mostly.

Step 11:  Return to Home Depot to have THEM fix the other colors your bought since you only want to go shades darker.  Don't take 4 children.  Although this Home Depot Employee was AMAZING and the kids learned a ton.  Way to go, Home Depot!

Step 12:  Ahhhhh.... looking way more spanish and way less beach.

Step 13:  Remove the carpet that ran underneath the slide.  Thankfully the kitchen floor went a lot further than we thought and it came up easily.  Woot!

Step 14:  Put in the new flooring!  We ended up going with Allure Flooring in Cherry from Home Depot.  It was the least expensive, easiest to install and best matching option we could find.  Total cost was right at $60.

Step 15: Install the Stained Glass that I had previously used in our home.  We used this film and put it on the side windows of the slide.

Step 16: Trip to Ikea to look for Couches!

Step 17:  Buy couch off craigslist… for the win!!  Picked up the exact couch we wanted in Black Leather on Craigslist for only $190.  Win!!

Step 18: Another trip to Ikea to pick up a few things I was missing… mostly curtain rods.

Step 19: Picked up this little table on Craigslist for $20.  Not sure it is going to work though.  It is a little tall and a little narrow for what I think we will need.

Step 20: Sew Curtains!  I hate sewing, but knowing how expensive curtains are, it was easier to find curtains and make them fit to the right size.  I found these light velour curtains with thermal backing at Goodwill for only $3 a panel!  A total of 3 panels and we were in business!

Step 21: Get curtains up!  I had lace that I cute to size to hang behind the curtains and then hang the curtains I had just sewn to size. They looked great and they fit!

Step 22:  Get rid of the bench and table once realizing we needed to roll lighter.  We swapped them out for a small folding table and chairs in black from Walmart.  Total cost $25.  It was light weight and could be reconfigured to meet our needs! 

The Final Reveal

Total Cost Breakdown:  (if you don't see something listed, I owned it already and simply re-purposed it)

Floor: $60

Curtains: $9

Couch: $190

Table/Chairs: $25

Table cloth: $10

Throw Pillows: $6

Curtain Rods: $20

Total: $320


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