Our story could begin in a lot of places.  For the sake of simplicity, let's start here...

Two years ago in a suburb of Dallas

There was a quirky family.  They thought they were normal.  They probably weren't.  The Dad, Tom, had to sell his business as his health was going downhill due to an old back injury from a car accident.  He decided to stay home with the five crazy kiddos.  The mom, Elizabeth, had been working as a photographer and figured it would be hard, but she would do her best to support the family financially.  They worked.  They cried.  They made big changes.  They were tired.

In the Fall of 2014

They were uninsured.  They didn't make enough to pay for health insurance.  They didn't qualify for any subsidies (google the healthcare gap) and Tom's disability claim was still pending.  He had suffered a heart attack and was losing feeling in his legs every day, causing him to fall.  His back was crumbling and no one would treat him since he was uninsured.  They worked.  They cried.  They felt hopeless.

The beginning of a new year

By the grace of God and some miracle, they happened upon a healthcare plan that was surprisingly affordable.  Elizabeth lost many nights of sleeping worrying that they would take their monthly premium and some catch would keep them from getting the care Tom needed.  By January 4th, they had met their max out of pocket for the entire year.  From that point on, every single thing, including prescriptions, was covered 100%.  People, healthcare like this doesn't exist.  But this would begin a series of long and exhausting months of playing catch up.  Tom would undergo multiple reconstructive surgeries on his back.  A full knee replacement and beginning work on the other knee.  He would suffer a second heart attack and they would find a congenital heart defect.  His body would shut down.  He would get cyclical vomiting syndrome from the medications.  He would spend over 50 days in the hospital in just a few months.

Meanwhile at home, kids are worried and stressed.  Mom is trying to work and take care of the littles and keep up with the house and the kids and the homework and the meals and the cleaning.  She is reaching a breaking point.  She is so tired.  Her dreams of traveling and not working every day until she dies and of eventually building a home are just falling away.  She makes a five year goal to plan to take a summer and travel the states with the family.  Because surely, in five years, things will be better.  Surely.  

In march, things change

Elizabeth and Tom decide that there may only be today.  While she can't afford much, she scrapes together a little money and trades services for a pop-up camper.  It fits everyone.  And it makes it possible for them to travel on a very small budget.  They take a trip.  She decides that their dreams can't wait.  That despite the challenges and the obstacles and that everything logical says it can't be done, they do it.  Little baby step at a time.  Because, big dreams aren't made in big leaps.  

And this blog was born

While adventuring with a sick hubby and a bunch of wild kids and a camera, it occurred to Elizabeth that it might be possible to travel and work at the same time.  So she should start a blog.  About life, kids, travel and photography.  All the things she loves.  And it would be real.  It would be authentic and hard and emotional and funny.  Because that is exactly what life is.  And now you are along for the ride.  Hold on tight.

And then they built a bed

And the story takes an interesting twist.  Because afterall... They were still so tired.  Where will it go now?

Wait, the story doesn't stop there?

Nope.  It sure doesn't.  The wild just started with that crazy bed.  In the months since their bed went viral, the travel bug bit hard.  The universe collided and the planets aligned and the Boyce Family decided to sell all their things, move out of their house and into an RV.  They are currently traveling all of the US in their RV.  They will stop taking care of things and start taking care of people.  

And the adventure begins.