If you think that old car insurance costs less than new car insurance, you are not alone. However, this is not always the case with auto insurance. Are old cars cheaper to insure?

Does insurance of a newer vehicle cost less than old car insurance, which does not have extensive safety functions?

There are many variables that determine driver insurance rates, and one specific factor cannot be identified. Generally, a person’s driving history has a big impact on insurance rates. The vehicle they are driving may not affect their speed as much as it may seem.

The value of the vehicle is an important factor in insurance costs

Older vehicles are usually cheaper to insure because they are less valuable than newer vehicles.

Due to depreciation, your 2012 Honda Civic has a much lower value than, for example, Honda Civic 2018.

When your car is less valuable, it means your insurance company has lower liability. The cost of repairing the vehicle can be roughly the same amount. However, your insurance company can only cover the substitute value of the vehicle. It is easier to sum up an older car, which means that repairs exceed the substitute value.

Are old cars cheaper to insure?

Classic cars

The only exception to this rule are classic cars. Classic cars are old cars that are considered very valuable. These brands usually have a very limited number of cars available on the market. If one of these cars is damaged, its repair can be very difficult and replacement impossible. With this type of insurance, you should expect to pay more than with a regular car insurance policy.

Other factors

Other factors also affect how cheap your car insurance rates are. The insurance company will check your creditworthiness to determine what rates they should charge. They will also assess your driving record to determine if you have any wrecks or a large number of traffic offenses. These factors can significantly affect premium rates. If you haven’t had any wrecks or road tickets, you should be able to get lower rates than someone who has them.

Discover the cost of obtaining parts. If you own a vehicle long enough, the chances of having to fix it at some point are quite high. If you have an older car, the chances are even higher. If you need to repair and your car is an older model, finding the required parts will be much more difficult than the newer model, and the ones you find can often be more expensive.

The cost of repairs is an important factor to consider in every responsible car budget, and even more so for an older vehicle.

How does car insurance change in a new vehicle compared to a used one?

Vehicles may require different coverage levels and different cost levels. If you buy a new car through a loan or leasing, you will probably need to have additional optional insurance for the used vehicle. This includes minimum collision levels and comprehensive protection, as well as gap insurance.



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