Are you considering getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) title? There are many options to choose from and different career options depending on the degree path chosen. Which MBA is right for me quiz?

However, there are many things to consider when choosing an MBA. That’s why we’ve prepared this mini quiz to help you evaluate this decision for yourself:

  1. Many MBA degrees end in industries such as financial services, consulting, accounting, marketing, etc. Are you interested in these types of industries? Are you interested in switching to one of these industries? (Choose one) Yes / No
  2. Do you want to manage others or be interested in building leadership skills? (Choose one) Yes / No
  3. One of the MBA benefits is access to like-minded peers, lecturers and graduates. Is expanding your professional network important to you? (Choose one) Yes / No
  4. MBA programs often have a lot of group work. Do you feel comfortable and want to work in a team? (Choose one) Yes / No
  5. MBAs are expensive and some schools cost over $ 80,000 for tuition. Have you thought about how you will finance the MBA? Can you afford the MBA? (Choose one) Yes / No

    Which MBA is right for me quiz?
  6. MBA is a big time commitment. Are you willing to spend 15 hours a week on part-time MBA evenings and weekends? Or maybe you want to take a full-time year or two off? (Choose one) Yes / No
  7. Ratings, competitions and recruitment add a competitive element to the MBA program. Do you have a natural competitive drive or do you like competition? (Choose one) Yes / No
  8. Most MBA schools require physical presence in classrooms, and campuses are located in major cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Kingston and Montreal. Do you want to move to a new city to study? (Choose one) Yes / No
  9. Many employers will support their employees taking leave to complete their MBA studies. Some may even offer learning aid if you are studying part-time! Does your current employer support your decision to study? (Choose one) Yes / No



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